What Not To Do on Your First Date

To have a great first date; you need to learn what not to do on your date as well as what to do and say. Check out our guide for perfect dates.
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What Not To Do on Your First Date

We know the feeling.

Dates can be nerve-wracking. There are so many characteristics of your partner you don't know yet but you have to learn about them. Is your match going to like you; are you going to like him or her? What's he or she like? Your date's personality traits; manners; values; beliefs; and everything are unknown before the big night. You may meet online and chat a little bit before deciding to date but you'll never know everything perfectly.

The best way to overcome the stress and enjoy the date to the fullest is to be yourself. Don't play any strategic games. Don't pretend you are someone else. But; you know these already. You want to learn the things that you should try to avoid doing for a good first impression sake. Lucky for you; we collected some essential things not to do.

1. Don't talk about your ex:

Everyone knows this one and yet many of us do this. Let us tell something. It is not OK to talk about your ex on a first date; or the second or any other ones. Even when you're in a commited relationship; don't talk about your exes.

2. Don't eat spicy meals or smelly food:

You don't want to have a stomachache or mouth stink on a date. Garlic and onions are the food that you should stay away from. Spicy meals; especially the hot ones; will probably mess your system.

BONUS TIP: Don't eat messy meals:

Spaghetti is one of them. Order something you'll feel comfortable eating.

3. Don't forget your manners:

Be polite; gentle and caring. Don't be rude to people and waitresses. Say thank you and please more.

4. Don't cancel at the last minute:

It's super rude. If you want to keep seeing your date; be there on time and don't cancel the date at the last minute.

5. Don't flirt with others:

Don't do this on your first date because it will make your date awkward and you'll look like a jerk. Pay attention to only your match; not others.

In conclusion; there are so many things you shouldn't do on your date to avoid awkwardness. These are some things you already know but still do unknowingly. Please be careful about them because they are the most important ones to guarentee a second date.

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