What to Wear on a First Date: Dating Experts' Advice

Can't decide what to wear on your first date? Check out our suggestions for the best outfit that will wow him.
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What to Wear on a First Date: Dating Experts' Advice

You want to look PERFECT on your first date of course. You wish to show your best sides make him like you and get attracted to you. You should wear garments depending on what you are going to do on your first date. But you can't wear something too fancy or look like you put so much effort on it. You need to look effortlessly chic. We're going to help you with everything you need to know about first date clothes. Let's start.

1. Color:

You shouldn't pick serious or too dark colors. Blue and green are the best colors to pick because both men and women report that these two colors are the best. Bright and pure colors psychologically evokes positive feelings so you might want to prefer something bright. If you want to emphasize your femininity pink and purple are the best colors. How about red? Well it is a controversial color when it comes to first dates. You can wear it to look attractive but go easy on red. Or you can wear a red lipstick and harmonious colored clothes. But again don't wear an excessive red lipstick make it look as natural as possible.

What to avoid?

Definitely avoid brown and orange because they are the least favorite colors according to men and women. Furthermore orange signals cheapness and that's why so many stores use it to show discounts. So stay away from it. What about black? Black is associated with luxury and elegance if you really want to wear something black you can. But again we suggest bright colors more. Most importantly you should choose a color that makes you feel attractive and confident!

2. Style:

Style is as paramount as colors of course. First of all you should never wear something too fancy. Long dresses with too much details and eye catching jewelries are definitely the things you should avoid on a first date. You can wear a dress if you wish but make it look casual with the right shoes and accessories. Combine it with a sporty and casual stuff. Secondly relationship experts suggest that pants are better than skirts. Why? With skinny jeans or leather pants you will highlight your femininity more so you're going to look more attractive. We also suggest pants too because being comfortable should be your top priority on your first date. You can wear skirts for later dates which would be just fine. But prefer something comfortable and casual as a style.

About accessories don't wear everything at once you are not a Christmas tree! You don't have to and shouldn't wear necklaces earrings and wristlets. Choose at most two and even that is more than enough.

To wrap up there is so many things you need to know about what to wear on a first date. For our further guide on style colors and emotions clothing inspirations and make up tips check out our blog.

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