What to Wear on a First Date For Drinks

Couldn't decide what to wear on a first date? If you are going for drinks check out our guide on first date clothing.
What to Wear on a First Date For Drinks

Choosing what to wear on your first date can be difficult. You want to look fancy and elegant but also make him get attracted to you. You want to be chic casual yet fancy classy and hot. Is it realy possible? Let's be honest. You don't know need to wear something fancy or eye-catching to look chic. And you shouldn't prefer it anyway. The key to look perfect on your first date is to keep it casual with bright colors that evokes positive emotions. Since men usually don't understand fashion trends they won't probably notice the details. So casual is the best. Especially if you have a coffee or bar date. Let's dive in to every detail you need to know about what to wear on your first date.

1. Colors and Emotions: It's time to drop some knowledge get ready!

*Red pink and purple: Highlights femininity evokes feelings of cheerfulness youth and excitement. If you are going for drinks on your first date wear something red or pink. We suggest don't wear purple because men don't like the color itself.

*Blue and green: Evokes the feelings of peacefulness safety and credibility. Men and women both love these colors so you can choose these colors if you want to calm him down and feel comfortable around you.

*Black or grey: Black signals luxury elegance and wealth. But since you are going for drinks we suggest don't prefer black grey or any dark colors in that matter.

Brown orange and yellow: Avoid these colors as Men and women reportedly don't like these colors so avoid them.

In short wear something bright to get your date's attention and trigger positivity. Watch out for the colors and emotions.

2. Make Up:

*Don't wear excessive make up. Go easy on it. *Wear make up that looks natural. In this case mascara light foundation blush and lipstick are the best.

*Since it is a drink date you can wear lipstick that shows itself. Normally we wouldn't recommend wearing a bright and obvious color of lipstick. But you are going on a drink date. So red or pink lipstick would look good for your context.

Now it is time for tips for clothing.

Tip #1: Don't forget ironing if you don't want to look sloppy.

Tip #2: Wear something you are comfortable in. If you wear skinniest and tightest jeans just to look good you are ruining your comfort which is more than looks. Same goes for high heels. For a casual drinks date heels would be great but not too high. Again prioritize your comfort first.

Tip #3: Wear something shiny and bright. Since this is a drinks date it will probably be in the evening. So shiny clothes would suit your context and make you look nice. Consider this if it fits your own style.

Tip #4: Get prepared FULLY. You have to get ready with everything not only clothes. This includes nail polish mani-pedi skin treatment or getting your hair done. Be a well-groomed lady. Guys may seem they don't recognize but they do notice girls who takes care of themselves. Furthermore you will feel more confident if you get prepared with everything.

Tip #5 Make a statement. Your style will say something about your personality. So show yourself with your clothing choices. Keep them clean because that is highly appreciated by men.

In short if you are going on a first date for drinks these are our casual date night outfits. Don't forget to have fun and be confident. Good luck!

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