Why Profile Pictures Are Moderated on Waplog?

You may ask, 'Why did my profile picture is deleted?' or 'Which profile pictures are accepted on Waplog?'.

Waplog has strict rules for profile pictures because your pictures are shown on your profile, 'Find a Friend' page, 'Suggestions' page, and other preview images used on Waplog. It’s your identification in Waplog for other members. For your and other user’s safety, we moderate all profile photos.

What are we consider when we decide whether to approve or delete your profile picture?

* Your profile picture must contain only you.

* You must have a profile picture with good quality and resolution.

* You must have a picture that others can easily recognize you.

* Your face and eyes must be seen clearly.

* You need to show your face, not other body parts such as only eyes, tattoos or other parts of your body.

* There shouldn’t be a child in your picture. And avoid uploading your childhood picture.

* There shouldn’t be an image filter or any kinds of distortions.

* There shouldn’t be any texts, extra images, emoticons or other additions on your picture.

* You must avoid uploading pictures that violate public morals and contain pornography and displeasing images.

* Avoid uploading pictures contain phone numbers, mail addresses, links, and other personal contact details.

* Avoid uploading landscape pictures, comics, art, memes or similar photos.

Waplog is the fastest growing social network with more than 30 million users. We review our users’ pictures every day carefully and try to create a safe and warm environment.

Please review these rules before submitting your profile picture. If your photo is deleted, consider this guideline and upload another picture carefully.

If you are seeing other pictures that violate these rules, please report them and be sure that they will be deleted as soon as possible.