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Discover Waplog Stories:

Waplog has a great Story feature now that enables you to take short videos and upload them so that you can introduce yourself to others in the best possible way. Waplog Stories last only for 7 days in your profile, then they get removed from your profile automatically to make room for more. Hence, you can add as many stories as you wish even without having to hold the camera. All you need to do is to tap on the add button and start having fun. If your stories become popular, you can even earn money, and get rewards.
How to make your stories fun and trendy?
  • Talk about your interests
  • Make funny faces
  • Show your talent - dance, sing, do yoga
  • Take your most attractive pose
  • Prove how fun you really are
  • Share your traveling adventures
  • Use your body language to flirt
Don't wait any longer and start taking your first story now. Ready, set, go!